CSA is much more than a weekly SHARE......

What is a CSA?

 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for consumers to buy local, seasonal produce directly from a farmer in their community. It is basically a farm share. A farmer offers a certain number of “shares” to the public. Local consumers buy a share into the farm – they support this year’s crop with money up front for a membership, and in exchange, each week during the growing season, they will receive a box of local, fresh, and seasonal produce directly from the farm. 

Benefits of Joining

 It's like having your own personal farmer, the freshest and healthiest produce, a farm you can visit when you want, a farmer you can talk to, days where U-PICK, you are promoting the existence and sustenance of centuries old acequias, traditions and culture, you are helping bring back fresh food to our community!  

Our 2019 program is full.

 Stay tuned for our 2019/2020 Winter CSA.

The freshest organic produce harvested from our fields and delivered to a pick up site within 24 hours. All for a small investment of $15 a week.