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Molino de la Isla is motivated and committed to passing on the knowledge and traditions of Northern New Mexico Agriculture.  We are always seeking individuals who wish to obtain a working knowledge of these traditions by volunteering or interning on our farm. We will pass down to you all we know about our acequias, traditional agricultural practices and overcoming challenges. In doing so, it is our goal to help our volunteers and interns understand the importance of maintaining these traditions and participate in the practice of preserving them.  No prior farm experience is needed, just a hunger for knowledge and the enthusiasm for working hard while getting your hands dirty.

So whether you're a solo worker or a group of 50, we love hosting volunteers at our grow sites.  From cleaning acequias to preparing garden beds and making compost, to processing maiz concho into chicos and blue corn into harina for atole, we have endless opportunities for volunteers to roll up their sleeves and work to support local agriculture. 

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